Fire Fighter Dragon

“Bilbo, look out for the Dragon!” cried Frodo. “Dragon? Nonsense! There hasn’t been a Dragon around here for a thousand years!” said Bilbo… but little did he know what some people are building in their dungeons. Presenting “Puff” the fire fighter Dragon. I bet Smokey the Bear will lose his job soon, as forest fire prevention mascot.

The Dragon, once it finds a fire, has it’s eyes fixed on it, closes in and puts the fire away with his breath. He he I know what your thinking but it’s napalm glands are only active in angry mode. If he fails to put down the fire after two sweeps, he backs away to save his skin.

This project is based on an Arduino processor and MotorShield. Two gear motors with 224:1 ratios and PolyMorph axle extensions are used for movement. Puff moves his head to left and right with the help of a servo and does that in a 60-120 degree range. His “eyes” are two light sensing resistors, each one placed at the end of a heat shrinking tube so that localization of the fire is more precise. Also you must isolate the back of the resistors as well, for the same reason.

Once his eyes are fixed on the fire his breath comes from a little fan and it’s motor. A Sharp IR sensor provides cliff and obstacle detection. You will have to angle it so that it’s focus point falls at 10cm away on the floor. The Dragon’s head is made of paper that you can print with your desired model.

So get your scissors and build a Dragon!
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