Fabricate Glowing Pushbutton Switches

This tutorial will teach you how to convert a dull, non illuminated button, into a lively glowing one.  Definitely a great addition to MAME arcade cabinet. You’ll need LED’s, drill, soldering gear, and pushbutton. The end result is pretty neat but i don’t know if it’s worth the work hours put in.

Fabricate Glowing Pushbutton Switches: [Link]

May 12th, 2008

3 axis PCB Drill

3 axis PCB Drill

A master-controller board and three stepper motor driver boards drive this well-designed PCB drill machine. There are four single-sided boards each featuring an ATmega16/32 microcontroller. The master controller initiates and controls all communication. The result ? you drill your PCB’s precisely at the right spot.

3 axis PCB Drill: [Download Project][View Project PDF]

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