VMUSIC is a product that not only lets you add USB Flash drive interfacing to your product but allows you to play back MP3 and other popular digital music formats direct from a USB Flash drive. Extensions to the VDAP command set allow you to play a selected file as well as control the volume, balance, etc. of the sound channel and monitor the status of the file being played. VMUSIC is ideal for adding MP3 playback from USB drive capability to home entertainment and in-car audio systems, as well as other appliances requiring audio playback capability from USB Flash drives.

VMUSIC Module - easily add USB Flash Drive interface

Vmusic features include :

  • One USB “A” socket to connect to USB Flash drive
  • Audio line-out connector for audio playback
  • Stereo 3.5mm headphone jack socket and audio line-out connector for audio playback
  • Single 5V supply input
  • Program or update firmware via USB Flash disk or via UART interface

Link to product page.

    Yet another great instuctable , this one about upgrading the drive from an iPod Mini, feel free to try this one if you think the 4 gigs are not enough for your needs, or ofcourse you can just buy a new iPod a better one with more drive space :). Link

iPod Mini drive upgrading from 4 GB to 5 GB

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