Easter Eggs iPod headphones holder

I never thought you could use a plastic Easter egg as a headphone holder for an iPod, i must say the idea is really original. I know that by the time you get to this word you’re already thinking that this is a boring idea. Boring or not, its still useful, instead of wrapping your headphones around the iPod and damaging them in time, its better to keep them inside an easter egg, and keep them safe.

Easter Eggs iPod headphones holder: [Link]

Holley Eggs : Drilled Easter Eggs picture 1

Holley Eggs : Drilled Easter Eggs picture 2  Holley Eggs : Drilled Easter Eggs picture 3  Holley Eggs : Drilled Easter Eggs picture 4

Easter eggs were reportedly first decorated in the 13th century, but I’m sure that what they did back then is no where near what they do these days. I mean these Holley eggs are pieces of art. They are made and selled by a man named Franc Grom in Vrhnika, Slovenia. Grom uses an electric tool to drill approximately 2,500 to 3,500 holes in an eggshell but he is known to drill as many as 17000 holes on some occasions. Imagine the patience you need to create something like this… the eggs are so fragile, if you do something wrong you have to start all over, and drill another 3000 holes.

Holley Eggs : Drilled Easter Eggs: [Via]

March 21st, 2008

USB powered easter eggs

USB powered easter eggs   USB powered easter eggs   USB powered easter eggs

I still prefer the classic way of doing this kind of things, i mean i want real eggs, real red colored in my house. Some USB powered easter eggs are not gonna change the mood in my house. But if you would like some new ideas, you could approach this. Basically inside the eggs are a bunch of LED’s tied together that draw power from an USB port. It’s so simple that you can build it yourself, you just need some pieces of white plastic shaped like eggs, place some colored LED’s inside and their you have it USB powered easter eggs. Or you could just buy them from the store.

USB powered easter eggs: [Link]

March 21st, 2008

Easter egg LASER etching

 Easter egg LASER etching

You could consider this as a way of marketing or you could start a business off it or you can just laser etch some egg’s for your own pleasure and keep them around the house.

Easter egg LASER etching: [Link]

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