I first heard of it from Ian, I’ve gotta say this opens allot of possibilities for people to work with the MSP430.

Grace is a graphical configuration tool for MSP430 developers for setting up integrated peripherals such as ADCs, OpAmps, Timers, Clocks, and other modules. This tool is a free and open source, eclipse-based plug-in for Code Composer Studio. The Grace Beta currently supports all MSP430 Value Line devices (MSP430G2xx) as well as the MSP430F2274 device.

I was thinking about starting some projects on the MSP430 in the near future and one big problem is that I would have to read allot of datasheets and other info to get me started, and there isn’t always time for that. Grace might solve that problem for you and allow you to skip the hard work. Let me know if you’ve tried it. I’m especially interested on how it can interact with one of their MSP430+RF SoC.