July 10th, 2008

iPhone 3G Taken Apart

Rumor has it the white iPhones are out there, but as rare as an albino whale. This iPhone costs $979 NZ without a contract (but locked to Vodafone, of course). So from now on i guess you know what’s going to happen with this iPhone 3g, it’s gonna get dismantled by the guys from iFixit.

iPhone 3G Taken Apart

Perhaps the least-touted new feature of the iPhone 3G is the flush headphone jack, allowing non-Apple headphones to be used without an adapter. Yay!

iPhone 3G Taken Apart

TechOnline will be decapping the chips that the guys from iFixit can’t identify, tomorrow, after the US release. They soak the chip in an acid bath to eat away the ceramic coating, then use x-rays and other fancy equipment to examine it.

Perhaps one of the first misteryes of the new Iphone 3G is the recycle marker on the battery that has been blacked out with a marker.


And I’m closing this article with a group photo. From top left to bottom right: Display glass, LCD, Main board and EMI shield, Antenna and battery, Back panel.

Thanks iFixit for showing us what’s the new iPhone 3G made off.

iPhone 3G Taken Apart: [Link]

Transform your new iPhone into an old school iPhone: [New iPhone]

April 8th, 2008

New iPhone on Ebay

New iPhone on Ebay

Iphone fans from all over the world continue to surprise me with this nifty gadgets that they craft. For example a seller is now offering a solid white gold iPhone on Ebay at the price of $10,000. It’s “skillfully enhanced by 5.65 carats of VS Brilliant Cut Diamonds.” Although the price might seem a bit spicy for most of us, Im sure it will get selled with no problems.

New iPhone on Ebay : [Auction Page]

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Some of us get nostalgic, and they remember the good old days when apple’s logo was a rainbow apple. So if you like the idea of an old school iPhone you should check this tutorial at
geektechnique to turn your new iPhone into an old school iPhone. The tutorial will give you step by step information on how to disassemble your iPhone, paint it and then re-assemble it.

picture of an iphone with old school design painted black and with apple rainbow logo

iPod touch

I found this tutorial on www.pyrofersprojects.com, it teaches you how to turn your iPod Touch (and iPhone) into a 3.5G iPhone! This is suitable for beginners as it involves no hacking at all of the iPod, and only a simple registry edit on the Windows phone.

What You Need
1) An iPod Touch or an iPhone.
2) A Phone/PDA with Windows Mobile 5 or 6.
3) A SIM card.
4) Download and install the free PHM Registry Editor onto the Windows phone. You can get it from www.phm.lu/Products/PocketPC/RegEdit/

After doing the procedure you don’t have to worry about the PDA, it will stay hidden in your pocket and only act as a mobile access point. This is a nice hack but it has its limitations, you cant really make a voice call with your iPod Touch because it doesn’t have a microphone. You should use a normal phone for that as it’s much more sensible for voice calls.

You can even use the PDA phone in your other pocket if you don’t mind looking like a complete dork holding a PDA to your head. Pyrofer also said that he successfully used MSN Messenger using the great web based messenger service, Meebo. It also allows you to use Aim, Yahoo and Google Talk, although he didn’t tested those yet. If you want to try this hack click the Link to visit de webpage.

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