Universal RC5/RC6 transceiver

This project has two main functions on the one side you can read the RC5, RC5X and RC6 codes from remote controls on a LCD and on the other hand you can send all thinkable RC5, RC5X and RC6 codes to a device.

When the TSOP1736 (IR receiver) receives an infrared (IR) signal from a RC5 or RC6 remote control (like Philips) burns LED1 (green). The LCD shows when it receives a new type of code for one second which protocol is received (RC5, RC5X or RC6). After then the LCD shows the RC5 or RC6 system- and command code in decimal as wel in binair. The toggle-value is shown by LED3 (yellow). LED2 (red) burns if the received signal is poor or if it’s not a RC5, RC5X or RC6 signal.

With the IR-transmitter it is possible to send every possible code from the RC5, RC5X and RC6 protocol, like a remote control does.

Universal RC5/RC6 transceiver: [Link]

Wireless Controlled Lightdimmer Using TV Remote Control

The goal of this project was to build a normal dimming lamp that is also controlled wireless with a tv remote control. When you switch the power on there will follow a soft-start till the lamp burns at the previously adjusted dim level. With the P+ and P- button from a system at choice you can adjust the maximum and minimum dim-levels and with the ‘1’ button the start-up brightness. The next time when the 230V power is switched on the lamp starts up at the adjusted dim-level.

Wireless Controlled Lightdimmer Using TV Remote Control: [Link]

July 2nd, 2008

The Home Linux Robot

The Home Linux Robot

This robot doesn’t look too good, but it servers its purpose, it proves that it can be done at home. The bot its based on Qwerk, a robot processor board very popular these days. The Qwerk is made to control myriad robots; it can control up to four motors and sixteen servos, while interfacing to sensors with eight analog ports, sixteen digital I/O, and an i2c bus. It also has two USB sockets so that robots may include a USB webcam and a wireless 802.11 network adapter.

The home linux robot its built mostly of what was around a computer webcam taken apart and modified to see infrared light, some wheels from a toy airplane, etc.

The Home Linux Robot: [Link]

June 17th, 2008

IR – relay control


Choose one key on your remote controller (from tv, video or similar), memorized it following a simple procedure and with that key you will able to turn ON or OFF any electrical device you wish. So, with every short press of that key, you change the state of relay in receiver (Ir-switch).

Memorizing remote controller key is simple and you can do it following this procedure: press key on Ir-switch and led-diode will turn ON. Now you can release key on Ir-switch, and press key on your remote controller. If you do that, led-diode will blink, and your memorizing process is finished.

IR – relay control: [Link]

The ultimate IR controller

The dsPIC30F3010-based Ultimate IR Controller (UIRC) can control virtually any IR device through the Internet. It can recognize any IR signal in an infrared passband of 32 to 70 kHz in several protocols. Rather than using common IR receiving modules, the system uses a phototransistor and DSP techniques to process the signal digitally.

The ultimate IR controller: [Download Project][View Project PDF]

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