In this episode I will be repairing my AVR ISP MKII programmer by replacing the on-board boost converter (TPS61020) and I will also upgrade the 6 pin ISP programming cable to 1m length.

July 12th, 2008

USB ISP Programmer For AVR

USB ISP Programmer For AVR

There are dozens of projects like this one on the web, but it’s nice to be able to chose the one you like most. Nothing special with this AVR ISP programmer, maybe just the idea that the author build it because hi’s hold programmer was working trough serial connection and as most modern devices work on USB he decided to make his programmer work on USB.

So, the solution was to replace the two transistors, that were used to adapt the RS-232 voltage levels to TTL voltage levels, with a USB to RS-232 chip such as FT-232BM.

USB ISP Programmer For AVR: [Link]

UsbProg-SHARP Clone Of AVRISP mkII

This project is an instance of the UsbProg project created by Benedikt Sauter. Bene released the schematics, board layout and firmware as an open-source project. Dean Hall took that project and made these modifications:

  • Changed CONN1 to a type Mini-B receptacle (so it would be surface mount).
  • Changed most parts to have surface mount packages (except jumpers and headers).
  • Added capacitors C1 and C2 for decoupling.
  • Added CONN3 25 pin header for Port A (the ADC inputs).
  • Added JP3 jumper header to choose which pin controls LED1.

With a bit of work the board can be etched at home and you’ve got yourself a home made programmer. Or you could just pay $30 and get the original mkII from Atmel.( I chose the original one 🙂 )

UsbProg-SHARP Clone Of AVRISP mkII: [Link]

Another Simple AVR In Circuit Programmer

You what this is useful for, programming AVR’s with ease, especially if you’re using SMD parts, you just plug the connector on the board and you write or update your code. There are a few well known project about AVR ICP (they are also known as In System Programmers so ISP) but its best to be able to chose the one that suits you best, so here is another one.

Another Simple AVR In Circuit Programmer: [Link][Via]

AVR-Doper: STK500 compatible in-system programmer (ISP) and high-voltage serial programmer (HVSP)

AVR-Doper is an STK500 compatible In System Programmer (ISP) and High Voltage Serial Programmer (HVSP). It was designed with a USB to Serial adaptor because many of the modern computers don’t feature a serial port. Another cool feature is that the entire design is based on free development tools.

AVR-Doper: [Download Project][View Project PDF]

Read about a cool usb to serial adapter here : USB to Serial Adapter

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