itead studio pcb

Today I got this email from Alex.Xie which is a Marketing Manager at Itead Studio:


Sorry to trouble you. We get some mails for asking about this blog So , I thinks that I need to give out some reply about it.

First, sorry about the last mail, Sunny didn’t make it clear. Before, the factory just do the 50% e-test for 10 boards, and these 5 boards will be marked with stripe on the edage, we test the rest 50% without stripe ourselves. Now the factory will offer 100% e-test for all 10 boards, so there should be stripe on all boards.

Sunny just want to say that – e-tested or not, is nothing to do with the stripe on the edage. The stripe on edage is not a sign/mark of e-test. Sorry for our poor English and the wrong expression.

You can find more detailed about our e-test process here:

While this clarifies the initial reply and explains what they meant it does not explain why we don’t see any tooling/scratch marks on the pads for PCB’s which are supposed to be e-tested. I think I will place one order with itead and one with seeedstudio, this will allow me to compare: quality,e-test,shipping time,order processing time.