tv remote jammer

    If you are planning to disturb your friends this is the way you should do it, because you will get immediate results. You can build this project with a few cheap parts. The tutorial is released by the guys from Instructables. Here is what they say about it:
How does it work ?

This is a pretty simple concept. When you press a button on a remote control for a TV, stereo or other IR device, it creates a series of pulses which the receiver in the target device; in this example, a TV, decodes into the corresponding function. This frequency is around 35-40kHz. To confuse the receiver, this jammer sends out a steady stream of binary code (1’s an 0’s) at the same frequency, but contains no information to decode. The receiver basically sits there and does not respond at all and the real information cannot get through to it as long as the jammer is on. Voila! You’ve ‘jammed’ your TV remote

Here is the link to the tutorial page Link.