July 16th, 2008

LiPo Balancer Element

LiPo Balancer Element

The LiPo balancer cell acts like a big and very accurate zener diode; when the cell voltage is under a threshold fixed by the user the system is in “idle state” and watch only for the voltage with a equivalent resistance of some KOhm and a negligible current shunt. When the voltage reaches the threshold the balancer element will start to shunt current from the cell with an internal power resistor: the amount of current sunk by the element is proportional to the cell overvoltage with respect the user “safe” threshold.

LiPo Balancer Element: [Link]

July 14th, 2008

DIY LiPo Charger


In this project there are actually 3 chargers combined in a single PCB, each charger having an output voltage of 4.2V. You can cascade them to become charger fit for 2 or 3 cels Lipo pack. The transformer used is 3 x 8 VAC. As more and more devices are powered with LiPo batteries such a charger could come handy some day.

DIY LiPo Charger: [Link]

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