LM3886 2×68 Watt Amplifier Full Project

LM3886 268 Watt Amplifier Full Project description:
In this application, we are building a gaincard like amplifier. This application type is named gainclone in audio world. To take a satisfactory audio response, we are adding a Linkwitz equaliser to the feedback line and adding bass compensation also. We are using LM3886 which is the revised version of its brother LM3875. Briefly features of LM3886 are:

  • Maximum Output Power: 68W RMS – 108W Peak
  • THD: %0.03 at 60W
  • SNR: 110dB at 60 W – 92.5dB at 1W
  • PSRR: 120dB
  • Protection Circuitries: DC/AC Short circuit protection and thermal protection
  • Output Class: Conjugate AB-A

These are the parameters of the LM3886 that we are interested in. Honestly this values are much more better than many of HI-FI amplifiers sold in the market. Especially it is hard to find 110dB signal to noise ratio. And another property is, when there is no input, this amplifier is quite like a dead. It is nearly impossible to hear any noise when you stick your ear to the speakers. Read the rest of this project at project page.
LM3886 268 Watt Amplifier Full Project: [Via][PCB, layout, connection diagram files]