Ok I made a mistake, but people do make mistakes, now I’m going to tell you why I think you shouldn’t buy this motherboard. This is a cheap mb, about 85 $, its true there are cases when cheap motherboards turn to be good, this was not the case. The first impression a small box, few accessories (1 x SATA cable, 1 x IDE cable, 1 x FDD and the back panel).After I assembled all together ( the MB , Athlon 64 4400 dual core , 320 gb Western Digital SATA hard disk and 1 x 1 gb DDR2 800 Mhz) I started installing the os , everything ok.

M2N-E SLI socket Am2 motherboard

After the firs reboot I noticed the first problem, long boot time it wanted to install the OS from my boot cd, and the first problem appeared; although the bios settings were on Defaults when I tried to boot from cd it said something about “no disk installed” I had to do some research and found out that it was a problem caused by a setting in BIOS so I made the change from HDD acces mode “Auto” to “Large” and finally the Os setup started. The next problem didn’t take long to appear, on first reboot I noticed a long boot time about 2,5 mins, as a new generation computer I expected it to boot faster.

After that I had some problems with the drivers from Asus cd, I don’t remember exactly but some of the drivers had to be installed manually. And to say something about the motherboards performance the overall performance was categorized by me as slow, not a good impression. I have to say I did liked one of the motherboard features very much the ASUS Q-Connector which lets you connect really easy the USB and audio ports from the case to the motherboard. After a few days’ of testing because all of this happened I went back to the store and returned the MB in exchange for another motherboard which I will review later.

Here’s some of the Asus M2N-E SLI features that made me buy it:

  • Support AMD Socket AM2 CPU
  • NVIDIA nForce 500 SLI Technology
  • Dual channel DDR2 800
  • ASUS Q-Connector
  • NVIDIA SLI™ Technology
  • Fanless Design
  • Gigbit LAN

You can see the full specifications list at Asus M2N-E SLI website