April 3rd, 2008

Autonomous mail system

Autonomous mail system

This is top high on my cool projects list, i mean an autonomous mail system ? that’s neat. Powered by an ATmega32 AVR microcontroller the mail system features a PS2 keyboard, a ethernet port and an LCD display for menu navigation and reading/composing of emails. In the standby mode the system checks for new mails on a time basis and alerts you on new mail. The only thing you could add to this project is perhaps viewing of attachments 🙂

Autonomous mail system:[Download Project][View Project PDF]

Yahoo introduced the possibility to receive feed’s directly into your mail account     A few hours ago I noticed a new button in my mail called “All feeds”(I’m using Yahoo Mail Beta). It comes with some feeds already added which I removed , and I tried to add the feed from this blog http://www.youritronics.com/feed/. All I got was an error message saying:

“There was a problem trying to add ‘ YourITronics ‘ Try to add it later”

     I think the idea of having feeds into yahoo mail is great.. I will sure add some feeds into my mail when they get the service running without problems. After seeing this we have to ask ourselves, why did yahoo launched this service? Maybe they are loosing ground to other services that people are using to get they’re feeds or maybe I’m wrong.. Let me know if you have the same problem adding a feed.

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