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This robot spider is controlled by a powerful Parallax microcontroller that fits the job perfectly. You can also use it under other projects , being a powerfull microcontroller it fits many jobs. The robot is fitted with the following sensors:

1x ultrasonic sensor (Deva-tech SRF04)
2x sensor with micro-switches Actuators:
3x Standard Model servos for the musculoskeletal
1x Micro servo to the pan of ultrasonic sensor “

Thats pretty impressive, and the robot looks really cool.

Robot Spider Powered by a Parallax Microcontroller: [Link][via]

AVR Chatboard Made From Erricson Cellphone Keyboard avr-chatboard-made-from-erricson-cellphone-keyboard_new-cpu

This entire project is based on an erricson keyboard, the ones used for typing messages on your cellphone. You can probably get them on ebay for $3. It has all alphanumeric keys, left and right arrows, a shift and backspace key and 7 special keys. In it’s original form, it sends sequences of digits to imitate the use or a numeric keyboard to enter text on a cell phone. Possible to decode but rather messy.

The best part is that the original MCU they have on is pin compatible with some AVR’s, so the author had no trouble replacing it with an AVR.

AVR Chatboard Made From Erricson Cellphone Keyboard: [Link]

June 2nd, 2008

Motorola MCU Time Switch

Motorola MCU Time Switch

This project can be used as a nigh light time switch or you can control any device based on a time setting. The circuit is controlled by by an MC68HC908QY4 and features an LCD and a keypad for making the settings. It looks like a fun project schematics and source files are provided.

Motorola MCU Time Switch: [Link]

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