PO Box - Just Another Oximeter

The PO Box is a dsPIC30F2012-based pulse oximeter that can be used by medical professionals and home healthcare providers to measure a critically ill patient’s arterial oxygen saturation. A small mezzanine board interfaces to a sensor and serial port. A 2 × 8 character display provides SPO2 and heartbeat data.

PO Box – Just Another Oximeter:

Electronics Stethoscope With Pulse and Temperature Readings

In my opinion a very original idea, because I’ve never seen a eletronic stethoscope. And besides the originality you’ve got functionality which is great. The stethoscope gets the sound trough a microphone place inside the classic stethoscope sensor. The temperature and pulse are showed on a 3 digit 7 segment display.

Electronics Stethoscope With Pulse and Temperature Readings: [Download Project][View PDF]

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