The Ant: a tiny inteligent robot

The Ants are a community of cubic-inch microrobots at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab. There are two main goals for this project. The first is to push the limits of microrobotics by integrating many sensors and actuators into a small package. The second is to form a structured robotic community from the interactions of many simple individuals. The inspiration behind this idea comes from nature — the ant colony.

The Ants: A Community of Microrobots: [Link] 

Exoskeleton developed at MIT picture 1       Exoskeleton developed at MIT picture 2

This exoskeleton can make you feel 80% lighter thanks to some new spring technology. The main feature of the exoskeleton is to transfer the weight to a series of springs and tubes running along the legs and torso of its wearer. The MIT exoskeleton, uses just two watts of power, relying instead on a network of springs and dampers to passively transfer the load to the ground. The system attaches to its wearer through shoulder straps, a waist belt, thigh cuffs and a shoe connection which means it’s still not quite like slinging on your everyday backpack from high school. “You can definitely tell it’s affecting your gait,” admits Conor Walsh, a grad student who worked on the project. This kind of robotic development sure impresses and kind of reminds me of the movie Terminator :)) oh yeah there were some exoskeleton definitely present in that movie.

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