EchoMp3 Another DIY MP3 Player

I say another, because we all know the DIY MP3 Player and the AVR Butterfly MP3 Player. This mp3 player can support up to 4 GB of storage (MMC or SD cards) runs from a single AAA battery and has full user control (volume, track, pause, skip, directory) with a 5-way micro joystick.

Also the LCD has contrast control, you can record voice and the firm-wire is totally upgradeable trough RS232. In fact this DIY MP3 player is the coolest I’ve seen so far and it’s full of tricks.

EchoMp3 Another DIY MP3 Player: [Link]

April 8th, 2008

AVR Ethernet Webserver

AVR Ethernet Webserver very small board

On the previous article i said that i am going to build a project to interface a VGA camera from a phone with a MMC memory. Well this project is even more versatile because of its webserver feature trough ethernet. You’ll just need an old cellular addon camera, an Atmega32 microcontroller and an ENC28J60 Ethernet controller. If you keep things tight the final board should be really small. Heck you can even use this as a spy device, and broadcast over ethernet what the camera see’s.

AVR Ethernet Webserver: all links are dead. sorry

April 8th, 2008

MMC-FAT Bootloader

 MMC-FAT Bootloader board assembled

The MMC-FAT Bootloader project bridges the “bootstrap gap” for an arbitrary set of target hardware that follows a streaming serial bootloading protocol. It connects to an MMC disk through the ATmega168’s SPI by using the MMC bus protocol’s SPI mode. It connects to the target device through the ATmega168’s USART interface. I have to say this project looks very interesting, and i think I’m gonna try to interface this boot-loader with a VGA camera in a future project that i intend to build. Don’t worry I will write all about it when the time is right.

MMC-FAT Bootloader:[Download project][View Project PDF]

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