Drive A VGA Monitor Without A PC

Sure these days you can find a device that can easily drive a VGA Monitor, but the title refers to a home made device that could drive a VGA Monitor. An LPC2138 microcontroller generates the VGA signals that drive the monitor as well as the graphics and fonts. The microcontroller also handles a keyboard, a mouse and some storage memory.

Drive A VGA Monitor Without A PC: [View Project PDF][Download Project]

May 2nd, 2008

LCD Temperature Monitor

 LCD Temperature Monitor

This project allows you to log temperature under 2 operating modes: Standalone, the system works standalone and can record a max of 2 temperatures or connected to a PC’s RS232 port thus having the ability to record up to 8 temperatures. The circuit is also interfaced with an LCD that can show 2 temperatures at the same time. It also has a separate DS1302 Real Time Clock (RTC) module with over 3 months backup and supports Wayne’s NTP format for updating the clock from an NTP server. The circuit is controlled by a Atmel AT90S2313, source code and schematics are provided.

LCD Temperature Monitor: [Link]

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