June 2nd, 2008

Motorola MCU Time Switch

Motorola MCU Time Switch

This project can be used as a nigh light time switch or you can control any device based on a time setting. The circuit is controlled by by an MC68HC908QY4 and features an LCD and a keypad for making the settings. It looks like a fun project schematics and source files are provided.

Motorola MCU Time Switch: [Link]

June 1st, 2008

68HC908QY4 Distance Meter

68HC908QY4 Distance Meter

This project demonstrates the use of 161 line LCD module to interface with Nitron 16-pin MCU, 68HC908QY4. The MCU uses internal oscillator, internal reset, so we need only to supply the +VDD and VSS. The sensor inputs are PTA2 for reed switch contact and PTA0 for 0/+5V analog input. You can use +9V battery or 1.5Vx3 AA battery to power the circuit.

68HC908QY4 Distance Meter: [Link]

June 1st, 2008

Digital barometer

Digital barometer Digital barometer

This barometer uses the absolute pressure sensor MPXA4115A, 12-bit A/D converter and AVR ATmega8. The source code and schematic are here. The result is displayed on graphical LCD with TOSHIBA T6A04 controller. In the first half are numerical value of actual pressure in milibars and on second half are bars that represent pressure in last 30 hours (15 bars with 2 hours measuring period). horizontal antermittent line represent pressure of 1000 mb.

Digital barometer: [Link] (This domain appears to be down for a while and I do not know other places where this project might be hosted, Sorry)

68HC000 Home Made Computer

You grab a Motorola 68HC000 32 bit mcu some knowledge you mix them together and you should get a 32-bit power single board computer. The chip is quite old but there are many chip makers still produce it.

he 68000 Single Board Computer features:

  • CPU: 68HC000 68-pin PLCC @8MHz,
  • Memory: SRAM 256kB (6281282), FLASH 256kB (29C010x2),
  • GPIO: 8-bit output port, 8-bit input port,
  • UART: 6850 9600 8n1,
  • RTC: DS12887,
  • Glue logic: DTACK, memory/io decoder, Xilink XC9572 CPLD,
  • Monitor program:  zBug V1.0 for 68000-Based Single Board Computer.

68HC000 Home Made Computer: [Link]

USB-IR-Boy Infrared Receiver Board and USB Cable

USB-IR-Boy is LIRC compatible USB bus infrared receiver hardware using Motorola MC68HC908 MCU. This project aims to be  the new standard  home made IR receiver with low cost for all PC hardware that has USB. In my opinion this project its not better than other infrared receivers, its just different by having USB connectivity and being based on a Motorola MCU. This project also has an extra item, the LED indicator, which blinks when signal is detected. Everything you need is provided on the site so you could give it a try if you need a infrared receiver.

USB-IR-Boy Infrared Receiver: [Link][Via]

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