DIY Mp3 Player Based On PIC16F877

This pocket sized mp3 player is based on Microchip PIC16F877 and comes with both C and Assembly source code but the C code version has more features and stability. The mp3 player was designed to work with compact flash cards up to 100 gigabytes. For decoding it uses the VS1001K chip and for conversion it uses the built in DAC. The principle of operation is not very complicated, the PIC reads the CF card and once it finds a file it clocks the card 512 times per sector sending all the information one byte at a time to the decoder chip. The decoder gets a valid stream of data and sound comes out of the built in DAC. The project doesn’t have a display or a fancy menu, it’s just a plain simple mp3 player.

DIY Mp3 Player Based On PIC16F877: [link]

EchoMp3 Another DIY MP3 Player

I say another, because we all know the DIY MP3 Player and the AVR Butterfly MP3 Player. This mp3 player can support up to 4 GB of storage (MMC or SD cards) runs from a single AAA battery and has full user control (volume, track, pause, skip, directory) with a 5-way micro joystick.

Also the LCD has contrast control, you can record voice and the firm-wire is totally upgradeable trough RS232. In fact this DIY MP3 player is the coolest I’ve seen so far and it’s full of tricks.

EchoMp3 Another DIY MP3 Player: [Link]

September 28th, 2007

Do it Yourself Mp3 player

DIY Mp3 player:

Do it Yourself Mp3 player These days everyone has an mp3 player, but how about having an mp3 player that’s built by you from a diy project. This project is not for beginners, you have to know some electronics before you can build this, so if you never build anything at least half as complicated as this you shouldn’t start this project. The mp3 player is named by its author Mictronics, MP3stick. The MP3stick is a simple and small portable MP3 player. A microcontroller Atmel AVR ATmega128 is the heart of the circuit.

 DIY Mp3 player:

Do it Yourself Mp3 player MP3 decoding is done by an VLSI VS1011b decoder IC. A MMC/SD card works as memory medium for MP3 files, playlist files and skin files. The player is designed to draw his power from a LiIo/LiPo battery with 3.6V. a charger cicuit, based on MAX1811, is included. All information will be shown on a Nokia color LCD with 128128 pixel and 256 colors. The player will work in text-only mode and if a skin file is available, also with nice graphic skins. A docking port allows outside connectivity for serial control signals, audio signals and charger voltage input. It seems to me that this could easily replace your current mp3 player especially because its build by you. For those of you that are able to finish this project, you will definitely like it. For more information, schematics and support go to Mp3Stick webpage.

Do it Yourself Mp3 playerDo it Yourself Mp3 playerDo it Yourself Mp3 playerDo it Yourself Mp3 player

DIY Mp3 player: [Link]

September 9th, 2007

The new iPod touch

When apple introduced the new and revolutionary iPhone a new trend was on the move, people love touch screens. So the people wondered when Apple is going to apply that technology on iPod’s. The answer is here now , Apple launched the new iPod touch , it something unique and I’m sure it will catch on really fast , I know I want one ;).The iPod touch has the same screen size as the iPhone but its even thinner. It’s 8mm thin.

iPod touchiPod touchiPod touchiPod touch

It has Wi-fi integrated and the Safari web browser, so you can browse so easy from now on. And if you like videos the iPod touch is for you, you can browse and watch YouTube video’s trough Safari web-browser. Another great feature is the battery life 22 hours audio, 5 hours video playback. All in something this thin. The iPod touch will be available in 2 storage modes 8 or 16 GB. So, 8GB is $299… the price for the 16GB is $399. I’m sure many people will buy this great gadget. I’m still wondering how did they fit all of those features in just 8mm? :)…You can find the full specifications list at the Ipod touch page.

The new iPod touch: [Link]

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