Getting started with VMUSIC2

Remember when i told you a few words about a new revolutionary USB Module named VMUSIC2 ? The VMUSIC2 is a complete MP3 player module from FTDI, Inc. which makes it easy to integrate MP3 functionality in to your next microcontroller project. It has two interfaces: SPI or UART (serial)

This instructable will cover getting connected and controlling your VMUSIC2 module from hyperterminal. I recommend starting out this way because it will allow you to get familiar with the commands and get a feel for how it works before connecting it to your microcontroller. I will follow up with another instructable on controlling it from a microcontroller.

Getting started with VMUSIC2: [Link]

Hard-disk Based MP3 Player With USB 2.0 capability

If you’re looking for a build-it-yourself, standalone, USB harddrive based MP3 player, this may be of interest to you. Originally conceived as a replacement for a CD player, this unit sits on the shelf next to your stereo and connects via standard RCA line-out audio connectors. Features of the player include:

  • Large, back-lit LCD display
  • IR remote-control receiver port
  • USB 2.0 connection for fast song transfers
  • Functions as a USB harddisk
  • 24-bit stereo audio out
  • Support for fixed & variable bitrate MP3 files to 320 kbps
  • Supports harddisks up to 137 GB

This is an open-source project. Full hardware schematics and software source code are freely available on the project site.

Hard-disk Based MP3 Player With USB 2.0 capability: [Link]

 AVR butterfly Mp3: a diy mp3 player

The design is based around the AVR Butterfly from Atmel. The use of this module greatly simplifies the hardware design and constrution and packs plenty of punch for $19.99 USD. The remaining hardware can be easily placed on a single sided PCB ($10-$20). The MP3 decoding is handled by a VS1001K decoder chip from VLSI Solution Oy ($20). This chip also has an onboard DAC with enough power to drive headphones, simplifying the board design even further.

AVR butterfly Mp3: a diy mp3 player: [Link]

you should also check the DIY Mp3 player article i wrote some time ago.

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