Miniature Braitenberg Vehicle

Remember the Loving Little Braitenberg Vehicle I wrote about last month? Well, it seems that it has an even smaller little brother that only weighs 17 grams. And besides being in love with light, this itty-bitty Braitenberg vehicle can also show a different behaviour – being ‘aggressive’ towards it.

The vehicle has its own custom PCB and has the ATtiny25V from Atmel as its brain. Motion is acquired using two pager motors that run in one direction only, so the vehicle can only move forward. The parts list also include the MPC1700 3.3V voltage regulator, 2 light dependant resistors (LDRs), 2 2N3904 transistors, two 1N4148 diodes, rubber tubes that are used as wheels and a few resistors and capacitors. The whole device is powered by a small Lithium-polymer 3.7 V with 100mAh battery.

The Braitenberg vehicle is controlled using two inputs provided by the light sensors and PWM signal. The microcontroller was programmed removing the resistors, a rather unorthodox method, but it seems to be working. The vehicle being so small and its wheels even smaller, it should be tested on a clean surface. Also, if the surface diffuses the light you may experience some problems because the light sensors might be tricked by this.

All in all, another little Braitenberg Vehicle that is… well, adorable :). Schematics and demo video available in the link below.

Miniature Braitenberg Vehicle: [Link][via]