October 31st, 2010

MPLAB X is cool

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The new MPLAB X IDE from Microchip, still beta looks pretty cool and with new functions like code auto-complete, the ability to preselect which tools are used on which project, history, its gonna be a hit. I think the most useful function in MPLAB X is the history which allows you to go back and remove modifications you’ve made to the code. The code auto-complete is also nice. Let’s hope it passes the beta stage soon. Watch the video to learn more.

Stepping Motor Controlled Over USB Interface

This project demonstrates how you can control a stepper motor over USB using a special software. The motor is driven by a  PIC18F4550 running with full speed USB interface at 48MHz. The software for the computer was written in Delphi and the code for PIC was written in MPlab. The source files are provided so you can make any adjustments needed.

Stepping Motor Controlled Over USB Interface: [Link][via]

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