May 15th, 2008

Parts orders arrived

Today my parts order arrived, i got a little from everything 🙂 . Some of the parts were ordered from DigiKey and were very nicely wrapped and others were ordered from local suppliers. There will be many projects posted on the Personal Projects page, so check the site regularly.

Here is a picture with most of the parts on the table


As you can use i got 10 57 LED matrix’s which i will use in some LED Display projects.

I also got an AVR Butterfly because I’m going trough a AVR Programming Book. By the way i didn’t knew so far that the AVR Butterfly is the cheapest development board on the market(taking to consideration all of its features).

AVR Butterfly out of the box

And here is a picture of my stash. I took me a full day to arrange all the parts. Ofcourse i took my time and enjoyed doing it. 🙂


    Here is a great tutorial on how to use a heat gun to recover parts from various boards. You never know when you will need just a small part to finish up a project and you cant find it. Its better to have these parts available when you need them.

How to use a heat gun to de-solder parts

You can recycle your obsolete electronic gadgets and learn about how these products are made at the same time. Useful parts to scrounge include surface mount and through hole components, microcontrollers, LCDs, connectors, digital and analog ICs, transistors, LEDs etc

Full tutorial here: Link

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