July 26th, 2008

ASUS Eee Pc Car Charger

ASUS Eee Pc Car Charger

You’ve probably seen the article about the Asus Eee PC and what can be integrated inside it’s case. But after you’ve done some modding and added different devices your battery probably doesn’t last as it was intended to last, so if you need to charge it in the car you either buy a commercial adapter or you make it.

This projects shows details on how to build an Eee Pc car charger. There are actually a small number of parts so the whole cost should be small.

ASUS Eee Pc Car Charger: [Link]

29 I/O Serial I/O PC Automation Board

This device transforms your PC into a powerful controller that you can use to program and automate machines, circuits, or just about anything you can imagine. Its flexible 29 I/O ports that you can configure to work ( bit by bit or in groups) as inputs or outputs makes it adaptable to a wide array of applications . Control of stepping motor system is unbelievably easy, thanks to its built-in Pulse Generator function. It even has encoder switch input functions, counting inputs, and port capture register. It is Visual Basic friendly, and more!

29 I/O Serial I/O PC Automation: [Link][Via]

April 6th, 2008

Wireless Security System

 Wireless Security System top view

This simple ATtiny45 based wireless security system includes a ZigBee wireless door sensor and a PC interface. When a door opens or closes, the ATtiny45 sends a message to the PC interface.

Wireless Security System:[Download Project][View Project PDF]

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