Rapid NiMH / NiCd Battery charger case

The following project could prove very useful for those of you who are into robotics, because as you may know robotics uses lots of batteries and needs to charge them fast, so the bots can be up&running again. The authors states that this battery charger charges a NIMH 5-pack battery used in the BiPed robot in less than 1 hour, and charges the 10-pack NiCd used in the Snuf robot in about 30 minutes which i think is more than ok for a DIY project.

To prevent overheating of the battery, the charging current is turned off when the slope of the battery-voltage turns from positive into negative. A second termination-criterion of the charging process is provided for safety: the charge time is limited to about 1 hour.

Rapid NiMH / NiCd Battery charger: [Link]