June 2nd, 2009

Mini-sumo Robot

Mini-sumo Robot

If you’re into robotics then you must know about the sumo competitions between autonomous robots. Seeker II is one of the competitors who proved his good design in battle. In this project you will have all the information you need to build yourself a mini-sumo robot.

The Seeker II is using a PIC16F876 providing four analog to digital converters for sensors, timing functions, a PWM output to control the motors and also allows for future calibration, testing and debugging. The robot is equipped with two range finding sensor from Sharp, GP2D12, placed right at the front and connected to analog inputs A0 and A1 of the PIC. Other two Fairchild QRD1114 sensor are placed at the bottom and used as edge finders and are connected to analog inputs A2 and A3.

The robot comes with two wide wheels which offers a good amount of traction, each wheel having its own motor. The motors, Faulhaber 1717, are driven by a SN754410 h-bridge IC controlled by the PIC. If the EN input is set high than Y output of the h-bridge will be same as the A input, if EN is set low then the Y output is turned off on the SN754410. The PIC controls the speed of the motors with PWM.

Ports C7 and C6 are used for serial communication, to watch, test and debug software, as well as to read log files from EEPROM.

In the link you will find block diagram, schematics and code for microcontroller.

Mini-sumo Robot: [Link]

This is just a board I made to work with at school because normally I would not build anything on pic. I just wanted to show once again, that using the photo etching technique and some effective component placing you can obtain really nice results wether your building trough hole or SMT. The board has a quad op-amp for inputing and outputing analog signals and a max232 to provide a serial interface. It will be mainly used to gather data from sensors and send it on the serial interface to a computer.

PIC16F876 development board

Keylogger found in Dell 600m laptop
The owner of a Dell 600m laptop found a keylogger inside his dell laptop attached to the keyboard cable. The keylogger board contained an Atmel AT45D041A 4 megabit flash memory chip and one Microchip PIC16F876. You can read its full story from the link bellow.

Keylogger found in Dell 600m laptop: [Link]

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