The Author writes: This small PCB, which I named Multiuse PCB2 is an improved version of multiuse tiny 1. I designed Multiuse tiny1 for my NES/SNES controllers to USB project. Since there is not a lot of space availabe inside an SNES controller, I designed the PCB to be as small as necessary. The PCB has improved since the beginning, thanks to the many other uses I found for this PCB.

Multiuse PCB2 : printed circuit board picture Multiuse PCB2 : printed circuit board picture


  • Small: width=27.5mm, height=17.7mm, thickness=3.4mm (without regulator) or 5.3mm (with regulator)
  • Atmel AVR Atmega8 microcontroller on-board. Runs up to 16mhz.
  • The following microcontroller signals are available via solder pads: PC5(ADC5/SCL), PC4(ADC4/SDA), PC3(ADC3), PC2(ADC2), PC1(ADC1), PC0(ADC0), PB5(SCK), PB4(MISO), PB3(MOSI), PB2(SS/OC1B), PB1(OC1A), PB0(ICP1), PD0(RXD), PD1(TXD), PD2(INT0). Please note that PD0(RXD) and PD1(TXD) are tied together.
  • Optional voltage regulator can supply a lower voltage to the MCU and/or external peripherals.
  • This circuit is perfect for the Firmware-Only USB Driver from Objective development. All necessary components are there (Atmega8, 12mhz crystal with capacitors, 68 ohms resistors and zener diodes).
  • Pull up or pull down (selectable) can be installed on many signals.
  • Convenient pass through signal ‘S’ which crosses the board, but can optionally be connected to the pull-up/down array of resistors.

Known projects which use this PCB:

Multiuse PCB2 : printed circuit board: [Via]

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