Athlon 64 x2 4400+     Before I switched from simple core Athlon64 to dual core Athlon64 I had no idea of this gaming problem, so I had to do some research to find out that it can be solved with a driver from AMD. This problem appears on some games like NFS Most Wanted or FarCry and is very annoying. Your character or car goes crazy performing moves faster than normal. You cant really play in this mode.

A partial solution to the problem is to set the program compatibility mode to windows 98( right click on game’s exe > properties > compatibility > check “run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select windows 98 ).

    This did the job for some time but the problem started to reappear. That’s when I found out about the driver for dual core processors from AMD. After you install this driver the problem is solved definitively. Click the link AMD dual core driver to download the driver.

Are you having problems orientating ? ActiveBelt may be your answer
You should consider this as an option if you have problems finding your way. The device is called ActiveBelt and its still a prototype. Since the information given with tactile sense hardly disturbs people’s activities, it is suited for daily use in mobile environment. However, many of existing systems don’t transmit multiple information with tactile sense.

    Most of them send only simple signals, such as vibration of cellular phones. ActiveBelt is a novel belt-type wearable tactile display that can transmit multiple directional information. The directions are transmited trough eight vibrating motors. Let’s hope this gadget will help the people that need it. For more information visit ActiveBelt’s website

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