June 5th, 2009

DIY Wifi Radio

DIY WiFi Radio

You like listening to radio and your favourite stations use Internet broadcasting? Or you’re sick of commercials between songs or the radio man spoiling the song with some announcement? Here is an award worthy project for you. With this wifi radio you have wireless connectivity to the Internet so you have a huge variety of radio stations to tune in, mp3 decoding, 44.1kHz 16 bit stereo audio, 4W amplifier with two 4 inch speakers, LCD display all this in a very nice vintage looking compact case. Total cost under 100$.

Asus WL-520GU was the choice for the wireless router. For under 50$ it’s a good platform for an embedded Linux system, its only shortcoming would be that it lacks built-in audio. This problem was solved with an USB audio adapter SYBA SD-CM-UAUD for 8$. Notice however the Asus router only supports USB 1.1 which is enough for audio, WL-500GP v2 can be used for USB 2.0. The router has a Broadcom BCM5354KFBG SoC CPU running at 200Mhz, 4MB flash and 16MB SRAM.

The most important part of the project is hacking the WL-520GU. Since it is just a router you will need to write new firmware to turn in into a wifi radio. This is done on the serial port which is pretty easy to access. The chosen open source Linux distribution that supports this router was OpenWRT. In the link you will find a precompiled image, thanks to the designer and builder of this project.

The LCD interface communicates with the WL-520GU by serial using ATmega168 microcontroller. On one of the analog inputs of the Atmel a potentiometer is connected and rotating the pot will make the radio jump to next station.

This is really an advanced project and i just love how it turned out. Lots of information on how to build one yourself is available in the link and I’m sure if you decide to go for it you will not regret it.

DIY Wifi Radio: [Link]

July 5th, 2008

Radio Remote Detonator

Radio Remote Detonator

This instructable shows you how to build a remote detonator that could be used for something like fireworks or rockets. The schematic is pretty basic and the parts are widely available so it should be easy to get them. The author states that the circuit has a range of about 90 m so that should cover a nice safe distance.

Radio Remote Detonator: [Link]

Garage Door Control System Board

This project uses an ATmega16 and a radio control kit to get the job done. You can control up to four servo(motors) with a simple push of a button. The system can also control a servo with a photocell, for example if you enter its range it will turn on a light. Of-course there are a few commercial alternatives but the price is quite high and many of them are not a versatile as this one.

Garage Door Control System (or any device radio controll system): [Download Project][View Project PDF]

 Elevator Voice Message Level Indicator

Have you ever been into a boring elevator ? with no sound and level indicator lights ? because I’ve been and i can tell you its not a pleasant environment to be in. Those elevators are sometime rebuild or renewed but the level indicator lights and some kind of sound system are not installed because of the high price tag, and possible need of rewiring. This project comes with a solution, and an easy to implement one.

It features a voice message system which inform you about the current level and optional about the next level. It needs no connection to the elevators system, its powered by batteries so you just need to stick it somewhere inside the elevator. If i would to build this system i would also include an FM radio, because most modern elevators include this features and i think its neat.

Elevator Voice Message Level Indicator: [Download Project][View Project PDF]

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