February 15th, 2009

IR light dimmer

IR light dimmer

This can be considered an old project, and yes you can buy the commercial version quite cheap too, but in case you want to build one, this is a working project. The source code isn’t made public, but since it was written in assembler language probably wouldn’t be any use at all.

It is a compact and clever dimmer, with capacitive power supply and a small PIC micro controller, it can be mounted in very small space. The learning process is straight forward and explained step by step. It has also a 110V/60Hz version of the hardware and complied firmware.

Keep in mind that this device uses the potentially lethal mains voltage, care should be taken when testing and mounting, use good quality isolation and disconnect from mains when handling.  When powered up, please don’t touch the triac to see if it gets hot because you will get zapped, this is a basic mistake, and maybe the most common among hobbyists.

IR light dimmer: [via] [Link]

.NET controlled RC car with wireless camera

The project starts with a commercial remote controlled car that has to be modified so that it can be interfaced with the Phidget controller. The easiest way to accomplish this is to modify the hand-held controlling unit to receive input from the Phidget controller instead of a human driver.

The end result is a .NET-controlled RC car with wireless camera for stealthy operations.

.NET controlled RC car with wireless camera: [Link]

Basic Stamp IR remote interface

The function of the device is very simple. Any IR remote than can be programmed to use the Sony protocol will work. The module outputs the device code (TV/VCR/DVD/AUX) and the button pressed, so the device can be used on as many different projects as your remote has devices (usually four). It is simple and cheap to make, and works really well.

Basic Stamp IR remote interface: [Link]

July 17th, 2008

Wireless Audio Streamer

Wireless Audio Streamer

With a DIY audio streamer, you can send your favorite tunes wirelessly from your computer to other rooms. Anyone can build this remote-control wireless streamer for less than a hundred bucks using just about any old Windows computer. You can buy or make a custom enclosure that matches the room’s decor and add a small LCD screen to show you what song is playing. Then throw in a wireless remote control, and start streaming your favorite tunes anytime and anywhere you want.

Wireless Audio Streamer: [link]

Wireless Controlled Lightdimmer Using TV Remote Control

The goal of this project was to build a normal dimming lamp that is also controlled wireless with a tv remote control. When you switch the power on there will follow a soft-start till the lamp burns at the previously adjusted dim level. With the P+ and P- button from a system at choice you can adjust the maximum and minimum dim-levels and with the ‘1’ button the start-up brightness. The next time when the 230V power is switched on the lamp starts up at the adjusted dim-level.

Wireless Controlled Lightdimmer Using TV Remote Control: [Link]

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