Drone Lab Synth

If you like electro music and buttons here is something very good for you. A synthesizer that has 15 control knobs, 4 switches and 2 LEDs and still you can hold it in the palm of your hand. It allows you to shape all kinds of weird sounds and despite its big number of controls it is not a difficult project.

The sounds coming from this synthesizer are from four oscillators,  usual inverters with an integrator in feedback. . You can control their rate of oscillation and modulate the pitch or volume, adjust the cut and resonance of low pass filters and  feed the signal into a fuzz stage. By linking two dividers to the output of a LFO some interesting rhythms can be achieved.

Because we are dealing with oscillators you must be careful of how you wire and solder the electronic components or you will have to deal with stability problems. Also put the potentiometers’ shield to ground, easily done if your using a metal case. A 9V battery can power this synth for a a pretty long time.

The Drone Lab can give you more than awesome sounds by using the dividers’ outputs as gate outputs to some other devices. This way you can use the rhythmic modulator with other sound generators. Happy soldering.

Drone Lab Synthesizer: [Link][Via]