July 20th, 2008

SAEBRTrack Satellite Tracke

SAEBRTrack Satellite Tracke

SAEBRTrack is a low earth orbit (leo) satellite tracking system. It was originally designed to use inexpensive TV antenna rotators, like the “Orbit 360” sold at many hardware stores. However, the author recently modified the code and the hardware to work with the Yaesu G-5500 elevation-azimuth dual controller. The G-5500 certainly is a much better way to go, even with the fairly high price tag.

SAEBRTrack Satellite Tracke: [Link]

 USB Computer Control for the Hamtronics R139 WX Satellite Receiver

The Hamtronics R139 WX FAX Receiver is a 5 channel crystal controlled receiver specifically intended for reception of the polar orbiting weather satellites that broadcast on the 137 MHz weather band. The receiver has a wideband IF that allows for reception of the wideband FM signal from the satellites. The received audio from the receiver is passed to a computer sound card where a program such as WxToImg is used to decode it to an image.

The R139 can scan the 5 channels and automatically stop on an active channel. This works well provided one has a strong signal. If the signal is weak or subject to fading the squelch will close and the scan will resume during the satellite pass which results in a truncated satellite image. For reception of the satellite pass horizon to horizon manual selection of the received channel and running with open squelch is needed.

USB Computer Control for the Hamtronics R139 WX Satellite Receiver: [Via][Link]

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