November 8th, 2008

Balancing robot

Balancing robot

This is a very interesting DIY project, a little Segway, off course it won’t carry you but it will self balance. The brain of the robot is the Arduino board, the entire robot is powered from a battery,  although the author tried to keep the cost to minimum the final “price” was above 300$.

The sensor for the balancing algorithm was a 2 way accelerometer and one encoder in each motor, all the electronics was bought as a kit, since the author as he stated, a programmer. This can be encouraging for those who want to replicate the robot, since you don’t need to be a hardware guru to build it.

The control algorithm needs a lot of adjusting, trial and error tests and patience.

The balancing robot has one major inconvenient, how to get it up? It is a lot of fun doing it and certainly it is a noticible achievement, but in lack of control it will just stay in one place. I recommend this project to students who want to experiment with different control algorithms like PID, Fuzzy.

Balancing robot: [Link]

 Segway clone (2 wheel ballancing scooter)

This low-cost balancing scooter can carry 90 kg at a speed of 15 km per hour over a distance of 10 km. An ATmega32 handles all of the signal processing for the electric scooter.

The main goal for this project was to obtain a vehicle which corresponds in his functions with the well known Segway ™ and to keep costs as low as possible. After switching on the unit, the electronics is in stand by mode. Through shift the handle into the verticality position, driving mode will be activated. The engines are powered and the equipment is balanced. Now you can ascend and drive off.

Segway clone: [Dowload Project][View Project PDF]

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