Michael Sung writes:

The SAK2 (Swiss-Army-Knife 2) Board, is a very flexible data acquisition board that serves as the central sensor hub for the MIThril 2003 distributed system architecture. The SAK2 board was designed primarily to interface a variety of sensing technologies with mobile device-based wearable platforms to enable real-time context-aware, streaming data applications. The SAK2 is an extremely flexible data acquisition hub, allowing for a wide variety of custom as well as third-party sensors to interface to it. In addition to being a sensor hub, the SAK2 can also operate in stand-alone mode for a variety of long-term data acquisition and real-time interactive applications.

SAK2 Sensor Hub and Interface Board Hardware

The SAK2 was designed and intended for general use by research groups at the MIT Media Laboratory as well as other research communities at large. The following links provide all the design files necessary to replicate the MIT Wearables Group’s hardware setup. On the hardware side, we recommend the MPLAB 6.5 microcontroller development environment, the CCS compiler, and the PICStart Plus programmer. We support a variety of linux-based tools called Enchantment to stream data in real-time from the SAK2 hub through the 803.11b infrastructure (via the Zaurus or other linux-based device). We are currently working on a much cleaner, modular, and buffered version of the SAK2 firmware which should be available in May, 2004.

Michael Sung