This is my first movie on diy stuff. Movies are a much better way to teach people on doing stuff because they can see the details and watch the steps in the movie much easier than reading some boring text. In this first movie i am teaching you how to increase your wireless signal strength using just a soda can. Here is how it works: the shape of the can and the materials that is made from concentrate the signal and this is how you get an increased signal. Good luck building it.

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Most of us are not happy with the wireless signal, this tips should help anyone to increase their signal strength. You should only user this if you really need it. With my wireless router Asus WL-500G I’m very happy with my signal strength it works great on every room in my house, and more I can connect to it with my laptop from a across the street. (my laptop is an Acer with intel wireless).So what I’m trying to say is that I don’t need to do all this thing to my wireless because my signal strength is already strong. If you have problems with your wireless strength, watch these two videos.

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