DIY Solar Charger for iPhone

Here is a multifunctional charger that you can use with your iPhone or iPod or many other devices. The main feature is solar charging using a 4.5V/100mA solar cell but it can also accept voltage input varying from 3.7V to 7V from a wall wart for example. Having a 3.7V 2000mAh Lithium Polymer battery inside it can also be used as a power reserve in your travels.

To build this you will need a Minty Boost Kit which is a USB charger and to this USB port you will connect the device who’s internal battery is depleted. You will also need a charger for the LiPo battery. The Minty Boost will be connected to this LiPo charger along with the solar cell.

Depending on the solar cell you will be using, you might need to put a diode between the cell and the charger to prevent the draining of the LiPo battery when the light is low. All it needs now is a case. All parts used are very compact, the solar cell is 3.7″x2.4″. Using a bigger one however will decrease the charging time.

It can’t take more than one hour to build it and considering the usability of this charger i wish you all good luck with your build.

DIY Solar charger for iPod/iPhone: [Link][Via]

 Hook a solar panel to your Arduino

If you’re asking yourselves how to connect a solar panel to an Arduino you will find this project useful.

Hook a solar panel to your Arduino: [Link]

March 28th, 2008

Solar powered submarine

 Solar powered submarine

This submarine is so simple because of the use of a laminated/moulded solar module, waterproof by itself and by skipping any attempts to waterproof the connections or the motor. Don’t worry, many simple electric motors do withstand running them immersed in water. Some of them might corrode somewhat after use, making starting up the next time a little difficult, but For several this will not even be a problem

Solar powered submarine: [Link]

February 25th, 2008

Solar powered DragonFly robot

Solar powered DragonFly robot

James Watt has created one of the most interesting piece of robotics i’ve seen. I came across this robotic insect, when i was google`ing for something in robotics. Its part sculpture art and part robot. The dragonfly its powered by several solar cells and a pager motor, all this tied together with some simple electronic parts. And the dragonfly robot its not the only piece design by James Watt, visit its page and you will find more amazing projects.


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