October 5th, 2011

7400 Logic Competition

Youritronics is a proud sponsor of the 7400 Logic Competition. We are giving away:

If you have a project based on 74XX logic circuits you should register for the competition. There’s about 3 weeks left before judging begins on October 21, still plenty of time for new entries and there are allot of prizes available.

PCB manufactured by BKRtech for PCB giveaway program at Youritronics.comPCB manufactured by BKRtech for PCB giveaway program at Youritronics.com

The title is pretty straightforward, it’s time to give something back to my readers. Inspired by the Giveaway project from uChobby i created my own giveaway project the main difference is that instead of parts for projects i offer PCB’s for projects, professionally designed PCB’s. Our sponsor for this program is BKRtech, a professionally board manufacturer.

I hope you’ll find this interesting and participate. The program page is here.

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