February 28th, 2009

Head mount display hack

Head mount display hack

Ever wondered what’s inside a head mounted spy gadget? Well, now you have the answer, there was somebody curios enough to take apart a robot toy which had a camera and eye piece, considering the size, isn’t a James Bond type of gadget so don’t expect to find any nanotechnology inside, but you can see how the LCD displays work. Even your LCD monitor uses the same solutions, only in bigger.

Head mount display hack inside

This post is for people curios enough to dismount  similar electronics, my advice : don’t, you won’t find any components inside which you can use, or there are hard to remove from the pcb and if you damage the flexible pcb or any other part, you probably can’t repair it

Head mount display hack: [Link]

Since you liked my previous posts about Spy gadgets , im going to continue the series with this new gadget a Spy cam hidden inside a gum wrapper, pretty cool i say. I guess everyone needed at least once a gadget like this , to secretly record someone, to incriminate him about something or to blackmail him/her although you know this is illegally and i do not encourage you to do so. To be completely safe you can just aquire this gadget and play with it, but we all know thats not gonna happen 🙂 .

Spy Cam hidden inside gum wrapper

Chinavasion presents us with this cool gadget that has the following features : a micro SD card slot for up to 2GB of memory, a hold switch for making sure the camera does not accidentally switch off, long audio and video recording range, along with 176144 resolution digital clips in 3GP format. It also has a Li-Polymer battery so you can recharge it very easy trough the USB cable.

Spy Cam hidden inside gum wrapper

Here are some of the Manufacturer Specification:

  • Memory: No Internal Memory
  • External Memory: TF/Micro SD Card (Max 2GB)
  • Record Format: 3GP (176144)
  • Built in MIC
  • Recommended Max Range for Objects: 2~3 Meters (Audio 1~2 Meters)
  • Power Source: Built in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (recharge directly from USB port)
  • Dimension: 73x20x11mm (LxWxD)
  • Manufacturer Ref.: SZSR4DY96L28

Spy Cam hidden inside gum wrapper Spy Cam hidden inside gum wrapper Spy Cam hidden inside gum wrapper Spy Cam hidden inside gum wrapperAccessories:

  • User Manual
  • USB Cable
December 3rd, 2007

How-to: Parabolic Microphone

How-to: Parabolic Microphone

Jim Lee: “It looks pretty good, weighs practically nothing, and disassembles easily. This paint roller handle is actually adjustable. Just a twist of the handle and it extends up to 19 inches. The umbrella itself opens to about 19 inches in diameter. It is necessary to remove the headband and punch a hole in the very top for the handle. Otherwise, no modificatins to the umbrella are needed. As for the handle, remove the plastic roller holders, file off the little burrs that hold them on, and you are in business.”

My opinion :  you can use it as fun project and discover some electronics, or you can use it as a spy-project which i don’t encourage because it could get you in trouble. Be careful how you use it, good luck building it!

here is the Link to authors page

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