5000 Free STM8S-Discovery Kits, this is the way STM is trying to get loud about the upcoming embedded world 2010 in Nuremberg.

The STM8S-Discovery is a quick-start evaluation board based on the STM8S105C6T6. It includes the embedded debugger ST-LINK and one touch-sensing button which help you to discover the STM8 features.

I find this a very attractive idea and it’s not about the value of a product(the STM8S-Discovery is under $10) but people coming to visit the embedded world and people in general are going to be happy to get something for free especially when that something is a dev board. I have a soft spot for dev boards, I like them and I wouldn’t mind getting one for free. Even though a certain board might not end up being used every day I will certainly power it up and try some code on it. That being said, I would love to register & visit the embedded world 2010 but I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to be there March 2 to 4.

you can read more about it here , there also a voucher code that you can use to get a free ticket.

5000 Free STM8S-Discovery Kits