LM35 Based Thermometer Display Temperature on LCD

The LM35 of National Semiconductors that is used in this project is a precision centigrade temperature sensor, which has an analog output voltage. It has a range of -55ºC to +150ºC and a accuracy of ±0.5ºC . The output voltage is 10mV/ºC . The output voltage is converted by the AD convertor of the ATMega8. The temperature is displayed on an LCD module. In this example the thermometer has a range of 0ºC to 40ºC and a resolution of 0.5ºC. If you want to have a readout in Fahrenheit you can use the LM34.

LM35 Based Thermometer Display Temperature on LCD: [Link]

July 11th, 2008

3-Digit Digital Thermometer

3-Digit Digital Thermometer

This 3-digit digital thermometer is easy to build for beginners or hobbyits. PIC16F628 is used to read digital values of temperature from a DS1820 sensor. All 7-segments are driven by a power logic 8-bit shift register TPIC6B595 with open collector output. For the 7-segment we need 12V volt to drive it because it has 3 LED per one segment. Source code in C Compiler is available.

3-Digit Digital Thermometer: [Link]

LCD Thermometer With Range  From -20 to +150°C

At this thermometer, the IC thermo sensor (S8100) or the diode (1S1588) is used as the thermo sensor. When using the IC thermo sensor, the thermometry to +100°C from -40°C is possible. Also, when using the diode, the measurement to +150°C from -20°C is possible. Both sensors are contained in the kit.

LCD Thermometer With Range  From -20 to +150°C: [Link]

June 14th, 2008

Simple Digital Thermometer

Simple Digital Thermometer

The circuit seems to be very popular because it is so simple and still has a very useful and practical application and It is considered by some the perfect circuit to get started with AVR microcontrollers.

This thermometer can be used as a standalone thermometer with LCD display or it can be read out with a PC running Linux, Windows, MacOSX or solaris. BSD Unix and others are probably also possible to use for reading the temperatures. No special drivers are needed.

Simple Digital Thermometer: [Link]

June 9th, 2008

Digital thermometer

Digital thermometer

The Digital thermometer was built by using the temperature sensor LM35DZ, PIC16F877 microcontroller and MAX232 IC. Temperature measurements can also be viewed on a computer program which can monitor the state of COM ports of a PC. Sample measurement data received through COM2 is being viewed on the SERIAL WATCHER program which is distributed freely on the internet.

Digital thermometer: [Link]

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