November 4th, 2009

DIY iPhone like device

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320240 LCD with resistive touch screen, USB, SD card, 3d engine, USB, movie playback, UI interface, sprite engine , would you believe all of this is handled by an AVR 8 bit device with 4K RAM running at just 12 MHz ? You’d better believe it because it’s real. Well the ATmega644 runs at only 12 MHz because it’s powered at 3.3 V so as you can imagine it’s stretched to it’s limit. The LCD with the integrated controller helps allot taking the job from the microcontroller.

The Pacman demo just fits in 8K flash and 512 bytes of RAM. It uses the sprite engine and runs at > 60fps. The images and animations don’t even touch the RAM they go straight from the SD card to the display. It turns out reading a 512 byte block from the SD takes ~1ms.

Source code, demo files, Eagle PCB and schematics are provided at the projects SF page.

DIY iPhone like device: [via Hackaday] – [Link]

September 9th, 2007

The new iPod touch

When apple introduced the new and revolutionary iPhone a new trend was on the move, people love touch screens. So the people wondered when Apple is going to apply that technology on iPod’s. The answer is here now , Apple launched the new iPod touch , it something unique and I’m sure it will catch on really fast , I know I want one ;).The iPod touch has the same screen size as the iPhone but its even thinner. It’s 8mm thin.

iPod touchiPod touchiPod touchiPod touch

It has Wi-fi integrated and the Safari web browser, so you can browse so easy from now on. And if you like videos the iPod touch is for you, you can browse and watch YouTube video’s trough Safari web-browser. Another great feature is the battery life 22 hours audio, 5 hours video playback. All in something this thin. The iPod touch will be available in 2 storage modes 8 or 16 GB. So, 8GB is $299… the price for the 16GB is $399. I’m sure many people will buy this great gadget. I’m still wondering how did they fit all of those features in just 8mm? :)…You can find the full specifications list at the Ipod touch page.

The new iPod touch: [Link]

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