Universal RC5/RC6 transceiver

This project has two main functions on the one side you can read the RC5, RC5X and RC6 codes from remote controls on a LCD and on the other hand you can send all thinkable RC5, RC5X and RC6 codes to a device.

When the TSOP1736 (IR receiver) receives an infrared (IR) signal from a RC5 or RC6 remote control (like Philips) burns LED1 (green). The LCD shows when it receives a new type of code for one second which protocol is received (RC5, RC5X or RC6). After then the LCD shows the RC5 or RC6 system- and command code in decimal as wel in binair. The toggle-value is shown by LED3 (yellow). LED2 (red) burns if the received signal is poor or if it’s not a RC5, RC5X or RC6 signal.

With the IR-transmitter it is possible to send every possible code from the RC5, RC5X and RC6 protocol, like a remote control does.

Universal RC5/RC6 transceiver: [Link]