July 19th, 2008

ARDF Timer / Controller

ARDF Timer / Controller

The ARDF controller was created after a request to be able to play random audiofiles for an ARDF transmitter, most existing designs were based on an 16F84, a somewhat aging design and better controllers are currently available. Also most controllers had a 5-10 mA current drain which can be improved, this design requires less than 400 uA.

To allow a very small controller footprint and flexible configuration the timer is not configured with (dip) switches but via a serial connection and a host PC. The memory option is optional and is only required for a wave file playback, all other options (CW, Single Tone, Tone Sequences and Audio Effects) do not require the I2C memory chip.

ARDF Timer / Controller: [Link]

    What is PCI MAX 2007?

    PCI MAX 2007+ is a computer card that will change the way you listen to your MP3’s or other audio via PC. It will effectively change your PC into a stereo FM radio station; it is a small digital FM transmitter in a form of a PCI PC card. You will be able to play your audio files (CD, wav, MP3, real audio etc.) from your PC through radio waves directly to your household radio receiver in the next room, in the living room, across your yard, in whole block of flats….or for the entire village/small city. You need just an ordinary radio receiver to receive your signal. The included software (also available in the support section of this website) lets you set the frequency and the output power. You can either service your living room, garden or an entire community.

FM transmitter PCI MAX 2007FM transmitter PCI MAX 2007 antennaFM transmitter PCI MAX 2007 LCD moduleFM transmitter PCI MAX 2007 LCD moduleFM transmitter PCI MAX 2007 LCD module

    PCI MAX is really easy to install, just like any other PCI board on your computer you just plug it in and you install drivers and software that are provided with the board. The Software gives you full control over frequency and power. But if you need Additional output power and superior audio quality you can obtain it by using external power source.

Technical specifications:

  • Frequency band: 87.5 (86) -108MHz FM BAND, 50KHz steps
  • Stereo mode with excellent stereo separation
  • Stereo 3.5 phono socket audio input, jumper cable included
  • RDS functionality with optional RDS daughter board
  • On-board DC/DC converter for noise-free audio
  • Frequency, mode and RF output power adjustment with a click of a mouse (Windows) or with LCD module
  • RF output power: >2500mW (2.5W), depending on the model

You can get full specifications and other details at PCI MAX 2007 page

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