Graphic LCD Pannel Interfaced With FPGA

FPGAs make great video controllers and can easily control graphic LCD panels. Graphic LCD panels are more advanced than text lcd panels and can display interesting stuff. The graphic LCD panels have a digital interface and can be interfaced in two ways:

  1. With a Video-like interface
  2. With a CPU-peripheral-like interface

Graphic LCD Pannel Interfaced With FPGA: [Link]

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It seems generating sync-ed sound and video on AVR its not that easy. AVR Atmega88 microcontroller is clocked at 20MHz and so it generates 45 full VGA display lines at almost 60Hz frame rate. Sound is generated during VGA horizontal blanking periods. That gives a sampling rate of 31496kHz which is enough for good chip-sound quality. Sound player is capable to play four sound channels. And all that beauty is programmed in pure assembly language for best performance.

Generate Sound and Video on the same AVR chip: [Link][Via]

ATmega8 Video Overlay Circuit

This circuit design is very basic, but it does the job, and thats adding something over a video. Source code and schematics are provided on the authors page.

ATmega8 Video Overlay Circuit: [Via][Link]

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