July 2nd, 2008

The Home Linux Robot

The Home Linux Robot

This robot doesn’t look too good, but it servers its purpose, it proves that it can be done at home. The bot its based on Qwerk, a robot processor board very popular these days. The Qwerk is made to control myriad robots; it can control up to four motors and sixteen servos, while interfacing to sensors with eight analog ports, sixteen digital I/O, and an i2c bus. It also has two USB sockets so that robots may include a USB webcam and a wireless 802.11 network adapter.

The home linux robot its built mostly of what was around a computer webcam taken apart and modified to see infrared light, some wheels from a toy airplane, etc.

The Home Linux Robot: [Link]

Webcam With Servo And Web Interface

The purpose of this project is to show, how you can build a surveillance system with web-page interface. The webcam can be moved vertical or horizontal through the interface, but only in the area that border sensors will allow. The control page is secured with login system, where the user types in an user-name and a password.

On the control page the user can control how the webcam will turn and how many steps it will run. The user can also turn the webcam on and off via web interface. Information about the states will immediately update on the screen. User can also turn the motion detector online, if the camera detects motion, it will automatically save the frames. Naming of the pictures is done with “timestamps”, so it is possible to find out when the picture was taken.

The part that interests me on this project is the servo, because a few years ago i was thinking to something like this, but i never build it. Now it’s nice to see, someone actually build it.
Webcam With Servo And Web Interface: [Link][via]

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