.NET controlled RC car with wireless camera

The project starts with a commercial remote controlled car that has to be modified so that it can be interfaced with the Phidget controller. The easiest way to accomplish this is to modify the hand-held controlling unit to receive input from the Phidget controller instead of a human driver.

The end result is a .NET-controlled RC car with wireless camera for stealthy operations.

.NET controlled RC car with wireless camera: [Link]

July 17th, 2008

Wireless Audio Streamer

Wireless Audio Streamer

With a DIY audio streamer, you can send your favorite tunes wirelessly from your computer to other rooms. Anyone can build this remote-control wireless streamer for less than a hundred bucks using just about any old Windows computer. You can buy or make a custom enclosure that matches the room’s decor and add a small LCD screen to show you what song is playing. Then throw in a wireless remote control, and start streaming your favorite tunes anytime and anywhere you want.

Wireless Audio Streamer: [link]

July 15th, 2008

Webserver Based On ATMega88

Webserver Based On ATMega88

Before starting this Ethernet project the author did of course some prototyping and then he noticed alreadythat UDP was not a problem with lots of space left on the atmega88. Therefore he was quite confident that TCP + HTTP will work. TCP/IP was invented more than 25 years ago. Todays microcontrollers provide almost the computing power a standard computer had at that time. No java or xml was used at that time. Things were done in smart and efficient ways.

As you can imagine this web-server code is written for a friendly environment. Don’t put it on the open internet. The code uses e.g the incoming packet to build from it the outgoing packet. An attacker who sends a mal formed IP packet might be able to confuse the TCP/IP stack. The code is verified with a lot of different browsers and a number of operating systems. It was tested Linux, BSD Unix, Win 98, Win XP, Mac OS-X with a number of different web browsers. It works very well but it was not tested agains atacks and destroy tests.

Webserver Based On ATMega88: [Link][via]

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