Remember those discussions about transmitting electricity wireless, they all concluded that it was just not efficient enough to be worth building such a system. Well it appears things have changed because in this video Eric Giler the CEO of MIT-inspired WiTricity, presents us with a new concept for transmitting electricity wireless.

It’s really interesting because they’ve manage to make the system small enough to fit on a mobile phone. He also states that WiTricity could be powering all of our devices into the future, like tv sets, home appliances and even electric cars. He didn’t touched the price subject though so I wonder how much would such a system cost.

July 17th, 2008

Wireless Audio Streamer

Wireless Audio Streamer

With a DIY audio streamer, you can send your favorite tunes wirelessly from your computer to other rooms. Anyone can build this remote-control wireless streamer for less than a hundred bucks using just about any old Windows computer. You can buy or make a custom enclosure that matches the room’s decor and add a small LCD screen to show you what song is playing. Then throw in a wireless remote control, and start streaming your favorite tunes anytime and anywhere you want.

Wireless Audio Streamer: [link]

Wireless Digital Thermometer

This simple circuit is designed to report the temperature via any standard FM broadcast band radio at regular intervals. It uses a simple low bit rate tone signalling scheme which can be interpreted easily by both humans and machines. Such a device can be used stand-alone or as part of a PC-based weather station or HVAC system.

There are endless practical applications for such a device, just think about how many time you wanted to measure a temperature and for that you needed to run wires to the sensor. Now with this circuit you can place the device where you need the temperature reading and no more wires need to be connected.

Wireless Digital Thermometer: [Link]

Most of us are not happy with the wireless signal, this tips should help anyone to increase their signal strength. You should only user this if you really need it. With my wireless router Asus WL-500G I’m very happy with my signal strength it works great on every room in my house, and more I can connect to it with my laptop from a across the street. (my laptop is an Acer with intel wireless).So what I’m trying to say is that I don’t need to do all this thing to my wireless because my signal strength is already strong. If you have problems with your wireless strength, watch these two videos.

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