IR remote robot

It’s great fun building robots, the most simple one is a vehicle robot, in other words a small car, the next step is to add some remote control, wireless off course, by wireless most of you probably think of radio control, yes that has long range, works trough obstacles, maybe even trough solid walls, but building one can be a real challenge, and buying one can be expensive. The author of this project solved this issue by using a simple TV remote control.

The original project is quite limited regarding the functions, only forward and reverse controls are possible, since it has just one motor, but it’s easy to improve the design, my choice would be to use two motors, each with separate H bridge, this is the easiest way the steer it.

The source code is written for ICC compiler and is made available for download, if you adapt it to AVR-GCC then you can adapt it to work with any type of remote control and start adding some intelligence to the robot, like line following, maze solving and many more.

IR remote robot: [Link]